Losing Leah Holloway (Claire Fletcher & Detective Parks Mystery #2)


Claire Fletcher & Detective Parks, Mystery #2

Leah Holloway has it all: a husband and three beautiful children, a gorgeous home, and a great career. Then one Saturday morning, on the way home from a youth soccer match, she causes four fatalities on a Sacramento highway before crashing an SUV full of children into a river. Thanks to the heroics of Claire Fletcher, who was fishing on the nearby river bank, the children survive, but Leah does not. Claire's encounter with the terrified young mother leaves no doubt that Leah intentionally crashed the vehicle.

Nearby, Claire’s former flame, Detective Connor Parks, is hard at work on the Soccer Mom Strangler case when his past association with Claire plunges him into the Holloway investigation. As he delves into Holloway's life, he finds nothing amiss. Those closest to her have no explanation for why she would do something so shocking. As their relationship heats back up, Claire urges Connor to look deeper. She is convinced that beneath the surface of Holloway's picture-perfect life lurks a secret so horrifying, it drove the woman to murder-suicide.

When Holloway is linked to the other Strangler victims, Connor and Claire realize that unearthing the woman’s deeply buried secrets is the only way to find the killer before he strikes again.

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