I am thrilled to announce that I have joined with four other amazing female suspense writers to produce a gripping collection of novellas called: Drop Dead Crime: Mystery and Suspense from the Leading Ladies of Murder.

My contribution is called OVER THE EDGE and features P.I. Jocelyn Rush. In it, Jocelyn and her business partner, Anita Grant are rear-ended on a bridge by a woman driving a large SUV. Immediately following the accident, Jocelyn gets out of her mangled vehicle to confront the woman only to be stunned when the woman takes a running leap off the bridge and into the churning Schuylkill River below. Confused as to why a young mother would kill herself over a fender bender, and guilt-ridden for having verbally attacked the woman before she jumped, Jocelyn takes it upon herself to find out what the woman was hiding. What she finds is a complex and intricate web of secrets that no one would have seen coming.

I know many of you wonderful readers have asked when you would see Jocelyn Rush again . . . here is your chance to catch up with her!

Check out the brilliant authors whose stories also appear in this collection:

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DROP DEAD CRIME is exclusive to Kindle and will be available for a limited time. Pre-order your copy today and pay just 99 cents when the collection releases on January 17, 2019!