Why You Should Read the Otherborn Series by Anna Silver

Posted by Lisa L. on Friday, March 7, 2014

I connected with author, Anna Silver through SSP (my publisher, Sapphire Star Publishing). She recently released the second book in her Otherborn series, Astral Tide. She had approached me about reading and reviewing them. Normally, I don't read very far out of my genre, but I had heard from another writer that her work was quite good, so I thought I'd give it a shot. 

I am so happy I did!!!!

I read both of these books in 3 days. I couldn't stop reading. So before I gush about how freaking awesome these books are, let me give you the skinny.


This is a kind of post-apocalyptic, dystopian story about a group of teenagers who live in a "reprocessed world". They live inside a walled city that is tightly controlled by the faceless upper echelon of society known as the Tycoons, where everything is rationed, everyone is issued cigarettes, and nothing is new. Even dreaming is extinct. But London, Rye, Kim, Degan, Avery and Zen have all been brought together by their ability to dream. It started with London and somehow infected the rest of them. In their dreams, they are different beings, beings they call their Otherborn. Because dreaming is considered an illness in this new post-Energy-Crisis world, they keep their secret to themselves. Until someone starts picking them off. When Avery goes missing, London, Rye, Kim and Zen venture outside the walls of the city to save her. 

Things don't exactly turn out as they expected. 

In the second book, we return to these characters seven months after all hell broke loose and things went horribly wrong. They are traveling outside the walls of the city, roving among camps of Outroaders--people who live outside of the city. As their dreaming abilities spread and begin to "infect" those around them, the Tycoons become hell-bent on capturing them and containing the sleeping sickness that is sweeping the land outside of the City. In order to survive and bring dreaming and new back to their world--to give the soul back to their soulless society--the characters have to delve deep into the Astral--a plane of existence or consciousness where their Otherborn dwell--and learn to hone their abilities. 

There's lots of intrigue, suspense, twists, turns, and even romance. These books are like Hunger Games meets The Matrix. Beautifully, intelligently written with a fascinating and original premise. The characters are very easy to grow attached to and I really got sucked into this world and these stories. I especially like the way Silver slowly unravels the story so that you learn something new about the characters, The Astral, The Tycoons and other aspects of the world and story with each and every chapter. 

I literally cannot wait for the third book. I'm so excited to have discovered a new series that I love. 

ASTRAL TIDE has just been released, so I am going to give you a bunch of links for that one, but OTHERBORN is only 99 cents right now so you should get right on that!  

Here we go:

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