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Posted by Lisa L. on Thursday, November 14, 2013
Today, the lovely and brilliant Dana Mason tagged me in this blog hop/meme thing that's going around.  It's really easy.  Yay!  All I have to do is answer the following four questions and then tag 3 people.

(Pssst . . . if you haven't read Dana's books yet, please check them out here: Dangerous Embrace and here: Precious Embrace.  They are totally awesome!)

So here goes:

1. What are you working on right now?

Well, my third novel, Hold Still is in the hands of my very capable and very wonderful critique partners right now.  So while I'm waiting for it to come back for revisions, I've been working on a book which I'm tentatively calling Harm.  It's a bit of a departure from my previous books.  There will still be loads of suspense, but it won't squarely fall into the crime fiction category.  However, I'm compelled beyond reason to write it, so write it I am!  Here's my fly-by-the-seat-of-my-pants-thrown-together blurb/synopsis:

A doctor and his son on the run . . . 

When Dr. Steven Young's son, Dane stops a school shooting using only his mind, Steven knows it will only be a matter of hours before the government descends on them, prepared to take Dane by force if they must.  Dane's unique abilities make him a curiosity for scientists and a valuable tool for several black ops organizations, but they also make him a target.  Steven knows that if his son is taken, he will never see him again.  With the help of one of Philadelphia's top mafia dons, father and son go on the lam, racing to stay one step ahead of their pursuers. 

A woman without a past . . . 

Twelve years ago, Lucy woke up in the basement of one of K&G Industries facilities with no memory.  She was trained by K&G to become one of their top operatives, helping them to carry out top-secret research on live subjects.  Lucy has never questioned who she was or what her life was like before K&G--until Dr. Steven Young recognizes her. Lucy's attempt to bring Dane in is thwarted by the doctor, whose mysterious words, "We had a deal--your life for his," haunt her.  She sets out to find Steven and Dane as well as the secret of her own past.

A government agent in search of answers . . . 

Rachel Adams grew up in foster care and was recruited by the NSA on her eighteenth birthday.  Her entire professional career has been centered on infiltrating K&G Industries and taking them down.  For Rachel, it wasn't just a job--she believed K&G held the answers to her parentage.  But five years ago, Rachel betrayed K&G and now there is a price on her head.  Even so, when her superiors task her with tracking down the doctor and his son, she takes on the assignment willingly.  If she can find Dane, she may find the answers she's been looking for her entire life.

As their paths collide, Steven, Dane, Lucy and Rachel find they have a common enemy.  If they can't work together, not even Dane's abilities can stop them all from coming to harm.

2.  How does it differ from other works in its genre?

Well as I said before, it's really not a typical crime fiction book which is really what I love to write.  (After this I'll be returning to my regular old crime fiction novels).  It is more of a thriller.

3.  Why do you write?

I've written on this topic before and my answer is still the same:  I write to make sense of my world.  I write about things that scare me and freak me out.  I write to explore the things that keep me up at night.  I write to try to understand things that are beyond comprehension.  It's always very cathartic.

4.  How does your writing process work?

Most of you will also be familiar with my answer to this one!  I write my first drafts in long-hand in tiny notebooks that I carry with me everywhere.  I whip my notebook out and write whenever I have a spare minute or two--in line at the post office, in the doctor's waiting room, etc.  Then I type it all up and put it in chronological order.  Then I go over it again a few times to make sure that it all makes sense.  Then it's off to critique partners.   I make revisions based on their suggestions and then I send it out to beta readers.

So  . . . here are my tag-ees:

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