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Posted by Lisa L. on Monday, September 24, 2012

Because I'm not too savvy with this embedding book trailer stuff, this introductory paragraph will come after the book trailer.  Above you will find the book trailer for my friend, Nancy S. Thompson's thriller, The Mistaken which is due out on 10/18/12.  It is awesome.  Just like Nancy's book.

If you've followed my blog (or Nancy's) for any length of time, then you know we're besties.  I first "met" Nancy through Nathan Bransford's forum.  I had been looking for critique partners who wrote in the same genre as me and Nancy contacted me.  Immediately upon reading her first few chapters, I was blown away. To date, her book remains one of the best thrillers I've ever read.  It's smart, entertaining and original.  I am going to post the review I wrote for it below.  But please don't think I'm out here promoting Nancy's book simply because she is a close friend.  Nancy's writing was the first thing that drew me to her.  When I first critiqued her book, I thought, "Wow.  Here is someone with great talent who is just as serious about this writing thing as I am."  It was refreshing, to say the least.  Our friendship grew out of our mutual respect for one another's work.  A match made in heaven.

So all of that said, I hope you'll enjoy the trailer and buy the book when it comes out in just a few weeks.  You can add it to your To Read list on Goodreads here.  

And if you stick around a bit longer, you can read what I've got to say about it below:

This book is amazing. It is a non-stop thrill ride that will keep your pulse pounding and keep you turning pages well into the night. Meet Tyler Karras. He has a great life. Until he doesn’t. Karras’ entire life falls apart before his eyes, sending him spiraling down into a hell of despair and self-loathing. When his brother Nick, who has ties to the San Francisco Russian mafia, suggests a despicable plan to exact revenge on the woman who inadvertently robbed Tyler of everything, Tyler readily agrees. In an alcohol and grief-soaked haze, Tyler mistakenly targets the wrong woman, Hannah Maguire. Although Tyler comes to his senses and realizes that revenge is not the panacea he was seeking, the realization comes too late. He has already plunged himself, his brother and now an unsuspecting Hannah deep into the seedy, violent underworld that is ruled by the Russian mafia—and the mob does not forgive and forget. 

What I especially loved about this book is how Thompson deftly handles the plot twists. I never saw what was coming next! I read a lot of thrillers and I can usually predict the course of a novel by the second or third chapter. It was exceedingly refreshing to read a book that kept me so enthralled and actually made me gasp aloud. All the incredible twists were not what I expected and for me, that made this book very original. I love a book with good, unpredictable twists in its plot that reads well and keeps you turning pages even when you should be doing other things! This book does that. 

What I also love about this book, among other things, is that it is fast-paced and wildly entertaining and it also has depth. This book is not just a run-of-the-mill man-and-woman-in-jeopardy thriller. It asks how far would you go? If someone took everything from you, how far would you go to get revenge? If someone you loved was in deep trouble, how far would you go to protect them, to help them? This book asks how well do you really know yourself? Can a good person do unspeakable things? Is there redemption after touching the fiery face of hell? Tyler Karras is the answer to these questions and he does not disappoint. You will feel his struggles, his grief and despair, his guilt and self-hatred in your bones. You will cheer desperately as he tries to set things right. Hannah acts as a kind of foil for him, meeting the unexpected terrors that Tyler has mistakenly set upon her with calm determination. You will cringe at what she has to go through but you’ll respect her character all the more for the strength and grace she shows. She is Tyler’s redemption personified. These characters are complex and well-drawn and the terrifying moments that draw them together make the moments of intimacy that much more poignant. You will connect to them on a visceral level. I was captivated by them both and the relationship that developed between them against the backdrop of loss and violence. As is usually the case in life, nothing goes as intended. These are regular people thrust into unimaginable situations and their drama will keep you riveted for hours.

Thompson is a rare new talent in the thriller genre, combining an intelligent and well-thought-out plot with complex and relatable characters that will give readers the white-knuckle reading experience of their lives! Do not miss this book! I am a fan for life!

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