Shameless Promotion of My Fellow Writers: Carrie Butler

Posted by Lisa L. on Tuesday, June 5, 2012
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I am really excited to let you all know that my fellow writer, critique partner and friend, Carrie A. Butler of 
So You're A Writer has some big news!  Carrie just inked a deal with Sapphire Star Publishing for her first novel, Strength.  WOO HOO!!!!

I first read Strength last year when I was critting for Carrie and she sent it over to me in pieces.  So every morning I would literally jump out of bed and check my email to see if there were more pages.  It is truly an awesome book and I can't wait for everyone else to experience it!  I don't even typically read paranormal romance very often but this book had me in its clutches from page one.  I love it.  So much that I'm not above wearing a t-shirt with the male protag's likeness on it.  That's right, I heart Wallace and I'm not ashamed to say it!  :)

And if you've been following Carrie's blog for any length of time then you already know that she is an amazing, talented, kind and funny person.  I am very happy for her and very excited to welcome her into the SSP family (This means we're pub sisters!  Woot, woot!  Now two of my favorite people are my pub sisters, Nancy S. Thompson and Carrie! Yay!)

Anyway, get on over to Carrie's blog and check out her big announcement!  

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