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Posted by Lisa L. on Monday, July 16, 2012
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The lovely and talented ladies over at Falling For Fiction are hosting a bloghop!

So the deal is that today we post the first line of each chapter in one of our works.  Then on the 18th we post the last line of each chapter.

So today is for HOOKERS (tee hee hee).

I'm going to use Finding Claire Fletcher since it comes out this year (12/6/12) and I'm only going to do 10 since it has 80 chapters and I'm guessing you don't want to spend your whole day here . . .

So here goes:

Chapter 1:  I still saw her sometimes--the girl I used to be.

Chapter 2:  "First time in a bar?" the woman asked.

Chapter 3:  It took me exactly fourteen minutes to walk from Connor's house back to the bar where I had left the truck.

Chapter 4:  Connor slept so soundly that he never even heard Claire leave.

Chapter 5:  I woke to insistent rattling of the trailer door.

Chapter 6:  Connor had no recollection of being invited into the living room but there he was minutes later, ensconced on the Fletchers' couch, a cup of coffee in his hand, staring at the two remaining Fletcher siblings.

Chapter 7:  In the shower I made the water so hot it scalded my skin.

Chapter 8:  He took me right from the street.

Chapter 9:  Beneath the covers, my whole body recoiled.

Chapter 10:  Mitch Farrell's office was located in a small pocket of an old strip mall whose former businesses had moved onto more highly trafficked areas of the city.

Stay tuned for the Hangers!

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