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Posted by Lisa L. on Friday, July 20, 2012

Before I start, I want to thank the lovely ladies at Falling for Fiction for hosting the Hookers and Hangers bloghop this week. It was so much fun!

So I signed my contracts in April which means it's been three and a half months since Sapphire Star Publishing made my wildest dream come true. To tell you the truth, I'm still all woo-hoo-floating-around-on-cloud-9-while-my-family-gets-annoyed-with-me-for-being-so-flighty. If you've followed my blog for any length of time then you know how ridiculously long it took me to get here. For me, the writerly things that come after the contract are so much sweeter than they might have been back in 2006 when I sent out my first query. (Incidentally, I sent out my first query on 4/12/06 and signed my contracts on 4/3/12 so that's almost 6 years to the day.)

So I totally got butterflies when I was recently granted an Author page on Goodreads and I was able to list Finding Claire Fletcher on there as well! Woo Hoo!

So if you want to visit my author profile, go here!

If you want to visit my book, go here!


And if you think you want to read it when it comes out (12/6/12), please put it on your TBR list! Later, after it comes out, if you read it and like it, you can give me a good review! (*wink, wink, nudge, nudge*)

Also, my old website: will be no more as of July 24, 2012. I've gone from Lisa L. Regan to Lisa Regan (as you can see from the cover). I only ever had the L in the middle because was owned by a dentist whose name was neither Lisa nor Regan. I could never get the domain. But literally 2 days after I signed my contracts, the domain became available, so my new website is:

If you go there and click on the Mailing List tab, you can join my new, nifty mailing list. I'm still experimenting but I can tell you that if you join, you'll receive updates and nifty postcards like this one:

. . . and whatever else I (and my mom) can come up with!

As always, thank you guys for all your support! This online writing community has kept me going through so many things! It is amazing to be able to share these things with people who totally get me and are just as excited as I am! You guys are awesome!

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