Someone In The Water: CHECK OUT THIS BOOK!!!

August 27, 2018

I am thrilled to tell you about one of my favorite books today! SOMEONE IN THE WATER is by my lovely friend, Katie Mettner. I hope you'll read on to find out more and then go get the book!!!

Spring Lewis knew death. As a nurse in the ICU, she had experienced more than her fair share of it. The difference was, unlike most people, she was acutely aware not everyone who died stayed in the afterlife, including the eight kids calling to her from the river.

Vince Roundtree had devoted his life to one thing, music. As the tuba professor at the University of Hedgeford, he spent his days shaping the lives of young people, and his nights walking along the river on a journey to find true peace. 

On a rainy spring evening, in a darkened Hedgeford Park, their paths intersected in an unexpected way. Their chance meeting set them on a path of forgiveness, understanding, acceptance, and love. Blinded by their rose-colored glasses, neither could foresee how much they’d need all of those, and more, to survive what was to come.

A mother’s anguish, and eight determined souls, convince Spring to break her silence about the people in the water. While the scandal burns, death comes calling, and it will be up to Vince to save her from certain death before time runs out.


Katie Mettner's SOMEONE IN THE WATER offers readers a little bit of everything. This book is impressive in terms of the range of issues and themes it explores, doing so with grace and realism. Spring is a lonely nurse who pours every ounce of herself into her work. She's lonely because she shuts people out--with good reason. She has a secret that has damaged important, core relationships in her life and that makes her afraid to let people in, but when she meets Vince walking home from work one evening, slowly things begin to change. I don't want to give too much away but Spring and Vince begin to fall in love and although he's very accepting of her secret abilities, those abilities put Spring's life in danger. Like I said, this book has everything: romance, mystery, thrills, family drama, and a touch of the supernatural that is so well done it fits perfectly into the narrative and carries it right along. I love that, as always, Mettner's treatment of the romance between the main characters is very realistic. She brings together two people who have struggled with real-world issues, particularly family dynamics. Neither is perfect and neither has traveled a drama-free path, but they connect to one another and are willing to fight to maintain that connection. They also try hard to bring out the best in one another even when it proves difficult. This is the kind of romance novel where, when I've finished it, I think, "Those two characters actually will spend the rest of their lives together." There is a lasting, genuine quality about the relationships that Mettner brings to life in her work. That said, Mettner injects a great deal of mystery and intrigue into this poignant, beautiful romance between these two very relatable characters, making this book a bonafide page-turner. You know the book is good when you have to put your entire life on hold to finish it! Through her abilities, Spring becomes aware of a series of accidents that she begins to suspect are crimes. She works on her own to solve the mystery of what happened and the result is bone-chilling and riveting. What I love most about this novel though is the way Mettner seamlessly weaves the romance and suspense together to keep you frantically turning pages well into the night--evoking a wide variety of visceral responses with her authentic characters and her elegant writing.

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Katie Mettner writes romance and romantic suspense from a little house in the Northwoods of Wisconsin. After suffering an especially bad spill on the bunny hill in 1989, Katie became an amputee in 2011, giving her the time to pen her first novel, Sugar's Dance. With the release of Sugar's story, Katie discovered the unfilled need for disabled heroes and heroines. As the author of over two dozen romance novels, her stories are about empowering people with special circumstances to find the one person who will love them because of their abilities, not their inabilities.

Katie lives with her soulmate, whom she met online at Thanksgiving and married in April. Almost nineteen years later her love story is a true case of instalove. She and her husband share their lives with their three children, and one very special leopard gecko named Gibbs. When not busy being a band mom, Katie has a slight addiction to Twitter and blogging, with a lessening aversion to Pinterest now that she quit trying to make the things she pinned.

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